When we become a virtual extension of your business we will help you develop and maintain a technology strategy that aligns with your business needs and goals. It's called IT Direction. We have 21yrs exp in IT Direction, Consulting and systems management. 

Call today to learn more, and talk to our customers, to reassure that we will be the last IT team you will ever need to seek out.

We are TSP1, LLC and Tech Social. 

TSP1, LLC - Business Network Consulting.
Tech Social, LLC -  Home Office & User Support

We provide appropriate, affordable, customized business and home network solutions, . 

With 21yrs comprehensive experience, there isn't anything we can't resolve, secure, and design, to meet your business investment needs. 

Whether you prefer a local network, or cloud solution, we educate and design Hybrid networks, to meet the most effective, cost efficient network offered, that’s specific and appropriate to your business (tailored to your business/industry). Others just sell what they get the best deals on. We were formed 21yrs go, by a small team of IT Consultants, with only Word Of Mouth organic growth, no sales team needed. Our skills and work sells itself. 

 - leading troubleshooters/ fast problem-solvers

 - extreme attention to detail, to perfectionists

 - strong communicators, critical in building client relations

- self motivated, driven, instinct  for success


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